A good exercise program should help you increase your stamina levels, make it easier to burn good calories, increase your speed, and improve your overall health and heart rate. The best sessions are based on intermittent training, which has been developed to pressure you to max and help you burn more fat. Interval Running to lose weight is so effective because it involves alternating periods of running fast and pushing yourself to the limit with gentler exercise. The great thing is you can use this simple method on the treadmills or the road.

Preparing for Interval Running to lose weight

Try a one-week session to add variety to your workout and to increase leg speed. Before you start your interval running to lose weight, you will want to employ some warm-up exercises. 

Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls, where you roll your shoulders up and down with arms by your sides will relax you and improve flexibility. Roll your shoulders towards ears then back down again. Do this six to eight times in a forward direction and then the same amount in a backward direction. 

shoulder rolls

Swing Downs

Next, do some swing downs. With your legs remaining straight drop your torso until it is facing the ground and throw your arms between your knees. Repeat this up and down action six to eight times, bringing your hands above your head at the start and finish of the swing. 

Other warm-up exercises you might like to try to include leg swings, done while holding onto a wall, heel flicks, flicking your heels towards your bum, and knee lifts.

Starting Interval Running to lose weight

Start with interval training to lose weight by choosing short or longer intervals. Doing short or longer intervals will have different advantages. 

Short Interval Running to Lose weight

Short intervals are ideal for those looking to run 5k or 10k races. For shorter intervals, run 10 minutes at a comfortable and easy pace, and then run 400m at a hard pace at maximum effort and return to an easy pace. Repeat this four to ten times depending on how to fit you are. Use a slow pace to cool down at the end.

Long Intervals

Longer intervals are useful for those preparing for marathons. For longer intervals, start with ten minutes of easy pace and then run one mile at your own 10k pace, recovering at an easy pace for 400m afterward. Repeat this twice or build-up to repeating it up to six times. Again, recover with an easy cooldown pace. Long interval running to lose weight is most essential as it builds up stamina and muscle for a longer time. 

Doing Stretch Sequences

Stretch sequences can be performed before and after running sessions to warm up your muscles, improve flexibility, and calm down stressed and over-worked muscles

Stretches after use of interval running to lose weight

There are many different stretch exercises to choose from so you can develop a routine of your favorites or what feels best to you. 

  • To stretch the calves, stand facing a wall with both hands on the wall. You should bend the front knee and, then, straighten the back. Push your heel to the floor of your back leg and hold for 15 seconds on each side. 
  • To stretch the quadriceps’s, which are at the front of your thigh, bring your leg behind you until your ankle is touching your bum. Hold it there with your hand for 15 seconds. Perform this for another leg.
  • Other stretches should be used as well. Targeting hamstrings is easily done by lying on the floor with one foot bent up and on the ground while you straighten the other and bring it upwards towards the top of your body and pull it down for 15 seconds.

Many muscles are involved in running and you will want to stretch all of them. The gluteal muscles are in the buttocks. Hips should be flexed to keep them flexible. A back stretch can target the lower back. To improve your flexibility even more beyond these stretch exercises you could consider attending yoga classes, BodyBalance classes, or stretch classes as part of your weekly fitness routine.

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