The real mind behind the light bulb “Tesla or Edison or someone else”.

by Malik aaliyan

There are thousands of articles, theories and blogs on the internet about this
topic some says Edison stoles the idea of light bulb form Tesla, some says
Edison came up with the idea of direct current (DC) and tesla offers him the
better plan that alternative current (AC) some says that Edison hired tesla and
after that fired him and destroyed his lab. On the internet there are tons of
conspiracy theories about light bulb but no one tells you who is the real person
behind light bulb whose idea it was, who developed the pattern? In reality it was
nor Tesla or Edison.
If we go back in the history, there is a man named James Bowman Lindsay a
Scottish inventor probably he was the first person on this planet who invented
the incandescent light bulb in 1835 way before Thomas Edison and Nikola
Tesla. When James Bowman Lindsay created light bulb both Tesla and Edison
were not even born yet. But there are very few people who know about him.
Half of the planet now hates Thomas Edison because they thought Edison stole
the idea of light bulb from Tesla but what about James Bowman Lindsay? Does
Edison and Tesla both stole from Lindsay.


James Bowman Lindsay was born on September 18, 1799, in a small town Carmyllie, Scotland got education from University of St Andrews and died at the age of 62 in Dundee, United Kingdom. When he was studying at the University of St Andres he was known for his physics and mathematics skills. He was belonged to a middle-class family his. parents saved some money to send him to St Andrews because they knew the capability of their son. After completing his studies, he became a science and maths professor at Watt institution.

List of some inventions of James Bowman Lindsay:

* Incandescent light bulb
* Telegraph
* Submarine
* Arc welding.

Research life of James Bowman Lindsay:

In 1832 in a classroom, he demonstrated an electric telegraph. In 1835 a public
meeting was held in Dundee where James Bowman Lindsay demonstrated the
permanent electric lamp, to claim this demonstration he worked little. His
pension was just £100 that was granted from Queen Victoria. From my research
I can say that the real mind behind light bulb was James Bowman Lindsay.

After his death, in 1901 a monument was erected on his grave by public
membership in the form of obelisk.

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