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Prevent Seasonal Allergies by these Five Easy Measures

Global warming does not only pose an environmental threat but is also the waterloo of most allergy suffers. With winter months reigning short and concluding into early spring and summer, it’s not surprising that most people suffering from allergies are keen to find preventive measures. And no matter how many times you’ve had an allergic reaction, it seems that the intensity of the irritant doesn’t lessen but worsens with exposure. We have shared fives easy measures to prevent seasonal allergies as follows;

 Common Things people do to Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Though prescribed drugs are important, some people have taken to innovative measures like:

• Keeping the environment under control by staying away from polluted or dust prone places that trigger an allergic reaction, like freeways or traffic-jammed streets. It is better to also avoid exposure to chemicals that worsen allergic reactions like carbon monoxide. What about your home which is a potential breeding ground for dust, smoke, and pollen? Keeping your surroundings clean goes a long way in helping to hold allergies at bay.

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• Dust mites are the most common irritant. Washing your bedding once a week in warm water and getting rid of carpet dust helps. In case you do the cleaning, remove dust using a vacuum or damp rag as dry cloth tends to make the dust settle in other places too.

Cosmetic surgeries make your skin highly sensitive. Chances of allergies increases in case of facial surgeries. Best way to deal with cosmetic surgeries is to read and understand the aftereffects of surgeries.

However, since most people who’ve suffered from an allergy for several years have a good idea about when the onset strikes, it’s easy to manage allergy symptoms if you add some preventive measures as well. Use medication and immunity-boosting food items. While using anti-wrinkle creams, you must care about your skin as these creams make your skin very active resultantly giving more allergy-prone cells.

Resting is important to prevent seasonal Allergy

Several people notice that they have more adverse allergic reactions to dust when tired as the body’s immunity levels go down. So, you must keep both outdoor exposures to an allergen in check as well as hours you put in for sleep. This will help you to prevent seasonal allergy.

Prevention is better than cure to prevent seasonal allergy

Medication is not fun to take but taking it before exposure to an allergen can reduce your reaction to it. In case you still don’t fancy being on medication daily, you can alternate it by taking your dose at the first sign of any symptom, though this method doesn’t work on all allergies.

It is all a matter of air

Fresh air is lovely but keeping those windows open does mean that you are inviting dust and pollen to linger on your furniture and hangings. Try keeping windows shut during the afternoon or very dry and dusty days. Also, you should keep windows shut at nighttime too. You can even install an air filter to keep air pollen-free. In order to protect your eyes against allergy, always wear designer lenses for protection.

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Travel safely to prevent seasonal allergy

In case you have to take the freeway, then it’s best to keep those car windows rolled up. Try keeping your nose covered if your surroundings are too dusty and don’t forget to take your medication in advance. It will help you to prevent seasonal allergy. You will catch a cold if you don’t take care of yourself during travel.  It’s very important to keep yourself equipped with necessary gadgets.

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What do you react to?

Zeroing on the culprit or trigger of your allergy is important so that you can take more personalized preventive measures. Is it only a particular type of pollen that causes your eyes to water or is it multiple things like smoke and dust? The best person for these answers is yourself as once you know what the cause is; it will be easier for your doctor to prescribe medicines targeting it. It will help you to prevent seasonal allergy.

While following our top skin whitening remedies, you must remember to take protective measures to protect your skin against allergy. As we discussed earlier, more treatments result in more chances of allergy. However, these skin whitening remedies will not do you as much harm as creams that you buy…

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