After many tests and detailed study, it shows that NO INCISION DUAL-LASER FACELIFT cab be a good option for those patients who are interested in the alternative of a surgical facelift.


The procedure is simple its combines via laser lipolysis of the lower face and neck with fractional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. It was developed by Carey Nease and M.D in order to provide satisfaction to the customers who demanded scar-free facelifts surgery.

Dr.Nease is a great surgeon in private practice with offices in Chattanooga, Tenn, and Calhoun, GA.


Vincent Gardner, M.D, who worked as a cosmetic surgery fellow said “He was looking for the solution for the patients who wanted less cost, less painful and do not want a traditional facelift surgery because they were not emotionally or medically ready for it. 

The Fellowship Training Program is approved by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and it is under the supervision of Dr.Nease. 

There were two technologies one laser lipolysis to contour neck and jowls and the second was the fractional carbon dioxide laser for facial skin resurfacing and tightening the skin. He thought if he could combine them both and name this combined technology NO INCLISION DUAL-LASER FACELIFT.”


The procedure of no incision dual-laser facelift surgery is performed within 60 Minutes. It is performed using a tumescent anesthetic solution and light intravenous sedation. If we talk about how safe is it then there were 27 patients who were enrolled who were nonsmokers age between 40 to 55 and Fitzpatrick skin types. These patients had no surgery record either on the neck, jowls, and facial skin.

no incision Dual laser facelift procedure

Review of no incision Dual laser facelift procedure

The data was collected from 27 patients who were enrolled. At the start of the year January and at the AACS meeting. Dr. Gardener reported the results on the first 15 patients were different but all are being generally positive. About 2/3 of the patients reported that they were feeling younger visibly and half of the thought they should recommend the surgery to the other friends. Only about 2 of the patients were dissatisfied.

After the meeting, in an interview, Dr. Nease said that as more patients reached the six-month visit the overall results were improved. Based on the results of 20 patients 90% of them were highly satisfied.

PATIENT SELECTION for no-incision dual laser facelift procedure

After several tests and results, Mr. Nease concluded that the procedure is best for the women and men in their 40s who have mild skin and have excessive fat in their neck and other face related parts. A large group of patients who were between this age said they were looking around 5 years younger after the surgery and some of them considered looking 5 to 10 years younger. He said that it is a great procedure as it is only 60 minutes’ surgery and downtime is a lot less. He also said that the patient who was in the 50s had more skin laxity and did not felt much difference.

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