Right now there are commercially created skin whitening items that contain organic plant extracts also as you will find many home remedies, that have been utilized for generations. These major skin whitening cures can be prepared at home and usually often be successful, since the materials are newly utilized in the natural forms of theirs & consequently, they’re far more powerful.

Rose Hip Oil – Top Skin whitening remedies

Rosehip oil is a popular ingredient in countless skin whitening products and it works great not only for fading out age spots, but it is also recommended for the treatment of scars, acne, and wrinkles. The oil contains a high amount of vitamin C and A giving amazing results. This organic oil is way better than artificial skin products and everyone should use the best natural ingredient. It is one of the top whitening remedies that we suggest to our people.

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Rose Hip Oil - Top Skin whitening remedies

Rosehips contain over 25 times more vitamin C them oranges or any other citrus fruits. It is best to use it in its natural form, preferably if it is organic and cold-pressed since it will mean that it is not contaminated by harmful chemical compounds and it also hasn’t been heated. When rosehip oil is extracted by steam distillation and therefore it is exposed to heat it tends to lose over 50% of its nutritional value.

Rosehip oil can be added to masks, to your regular daily moisturizer or it can be applied alone to your skin in small amounts.


Sandalwood and Rose Water Mask

Sandalwood and rose water is a well known homemade skin whitening remedy. Mix a couple of tablespoons of sandalwood powder with just enough rose water to make a thin paste. Apply it to your facial skin just before you go to sleep. leave this mask until morning and wash it off after complete cleaning.

Sandalwood oil

Tomato as Top Skin Whitening Remedies

Applying slice of tomato directly on skin or just drinking tomato juice can seriously lighten your skin tone if used daily. For example, you can add it to sandalwood powder instead of rose water. 

Tomato as Top Skin Whitening Remedies

Fresh tomato juice can be also used instead of your regular facial wash for cleansing your skin as one of the top skin whitening remedies. It is rich in alpha-hydroxy acid, which means that it will not only lighten your skin, but it will provide vital nutrients that are important for the maintenance of a flawlessly even skin tone.

Tomato Leaf Essential Oil

Tomato leaf essential oil is known to be an effective skin bleaching agent and it works similarly to liquorice extract or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Bear in mind though that it is not suitable for neat application as it would irritate your skin and would potentially cause localized skin inflammation. 

Tomato Leaf Essential Oil

Being tip under Top skin whitening remedies, You can add a couple of drops of tomato leaf essential oil to a carrier oil, such as jojoba, coconut, extra virgin olive, sweet almond, grape seed or rosehip oil. You can, also, apply it to the skin each time you cleanse and tone your face. Alternatively, if you desire to use it on your body, apply it after you take a bath or have a shower, while the skin is still damp and warm. Follow our article on designer lenses to see where you can take your beauty. With designer lenses, your beauty multiplies by 2 folds.


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