weight loss recipes for diabetics

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes For Diabetics

Although the number of individuals suffering from diabetes seems to be escalating with every passing day, there are indeed ways to control diabetes-like weight loss recipes for diabetics, and perhaps even prevent this medical condition through positive lifestyle changes and dietary practices. Taking preventive measures for controlling diabetes does not have to mean depriving yourself of foods that you love most. You will definitely not have to commit to a lifetime of eating bland food to keep a check on your blood glucose levels; smart diet choices can go a long way in controlling diabetes and helping diabetics lose weight.

What a diabetic’s diet should contain

A diabetes diet should be packed with essential nutrients and low in fats and calories. It should include more fibre and slow-release carbs that can keep blood glucose levels stable because they require more time for digestion. So, your body will not produce excess insulin; at the same time, you have enough energy to perform all regular bodily functions.

The foods should ideally be low in Glycemic Index or GI because high GI foods are known to increase your blood sugar levels drastically. White foods like white rice or pasta are high GI foods while coal foods have low GI such as sea foods, whole grains, beans and meats. To control diabetes, it is not necessary to eliminate sugar completely from the diet; you can continue to indulge in your favorite desserts in moderation.

Some weight loss recipes for diabetics:

Applesauce pancakes: You can enjoy pancakes without the butter to reduce the fat intake. Using applesauce helps to enjoy pancakes that are diabetic friendly and also low-fat. When you serve these with fresh fruits or include fruits in the batter, the pancakes become even more nutritious. You can combine all ingredients in a bowl and then use cooking spray to make the pancakes in a non-stick griddle.

Honey grapefruit and bananas: This makes for an ideal breakfast dish because grapefruits rank low in GI or Glycemic Index. When you add fruits to your meal, it can be a great alternative to sweet treats that are usually fattening. Besides, fruits are excellent sources of fiber and vitamin C and are ideal for controlling weight gain.

Strawberry almond French toast: You can use whole grain bread for preparing these weight loss recipes for diabetics. You can use strawberries along with MUFA containing almonds to top these slices. Strawberries are effective in lowering blood glucose. The egg is beaten in a bowl and mixed with cinnamon and milk and then applied on both slices of the whole grain bread. The bread is then cooked slowly using margarine in a skillet. Whole grains in the diet are very effective for losing weight.

Tortellini pasta salad: Even with diabetes, you can eat pasta provided it is packed with vegetables rich in nutrients. Broccoli for instance, is known for its cancer-fighting properties and is rich in fiber. This prevents blood glucose levels from increasing after eating. The tortellini is put in boiling water, and then carrots, broccoli and peas are added to it and cooked slowly. The pasta is drained and tossed with pesto and tomatoes, pepper and olives. Such a recipe rich in vegetables and fiber can help you lose weight.

These are some useful, tasty and healthy weight loss recipes for diabetics which can help diabetics control their blood sugar levels and at the same time, help them lose weight in a healthy manner. In case you are not too sure about the diabetic-friendly weight loss recipes for diabetics, you can seek the help of popular weight loss programs like Nutrisystem. The diet dishes of Nutrisystem are prepared involving ingredients that have low glycemic indices. Besides, their weight loss meals are balanced in nutrients, low in calories and fats and also supply adequate protein. Individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can sign up for Nutrisystem-D, a specially formulated plan for diabetics. Nutrisystem also suggests working out for 30 minutes a day besides following the diet. Thus, by being smart in your food choices and adopting complementing workouts you can stay healthy as well as lose weight.

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