Here we are talking about FAT GRAFTING FACELIFT PROCEDURE, but almost a century ago, cosmetic surgeons believed that lifting and tightening could solve all the problems related to aging of the face. It turned out to be a long narrative, according to San Francisco cosmetic surgeon Timothy Marten, M.D.

 Face Ages in Three Ways:

There are three possible ways in which face ages:

  1. The surface of the skin ages,
  2. 2. Facial features of the sag and the skin becomes loose,
  3. The face initiates a process of atrophy, shrinks and becomes empty.

A 75-year-old woman before (left) and one year and seven months after a facelift and fat injection. In addition, 90 cc of fat was injected. 

Introduction to Fat Grafting Face-lifting Procedure

Dr. Marten says that when a surgeon can insert a cheek implant or use – anti-autologous fillers to restore the volume of the cheek and make the face look thinner, they generally do not produce a smooth, natural, feminine, healthy appearance of fat.

Ultimately, Dr. Marten says that neither face lifts nor fat injections alone yield results that are as satisfactory as those obtained with the combination of the two i.e. Fat graft of the face-lifting technique.

Face Aging

Popularity of Fat Grafting Facelifting Procedure

“It caught fire. Only a few years ago, the surgeons did not believe in this, and now it has a big follow-up, “says Dr. Marten. I don’t want to look fatter.’ Gradually, as part of the ageing process, patients started to hear about atrophy. They’ve read about it in magazines, and they’ve experienced the boost they might get with artificially injectable fillers.

Until patients understood and approved the use of fat injections as a way of achieving a more youthful look, Dr. Marten says that he will first implement a facelift and then assess the patient to decide if they may benefit from and agree to follow-up care with fat injections.

“As patients began to let me do that, I was shocked by how much easier the facelifts were,” says Dr. Marten. This, he says, may be due in part to a not-yet-clearly established “stem-cell effect” that results in fat injections that enhance the consistency of facial tissue.

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