About Us

These beliefs form the basis of everything we do at Being Life Expert. Integrity. Leadership. Service. Cooperation. Price.
You will see it in our new treatment and technology, our highly skilled staff with the drive to improve, our compassion for patients and families, our collaboration with healthcare providers across the region to increase our contribution and value, and our pride in working together to change lives.

We are a Pakistani controlled, nonprofit patient care program, educating future health care providers, inspiring our community with resilient and healthy programs, and working together to improve the way we serve others.

Our award-winning network of doctors, hospitals and medical providers ensures the highest quality of effective care and treatment, effective for those we serve throughout the region. Through our state-of-the-art networks we deliver direct care and treatment to rural communities through advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, telephone services, specialized card care clinics, mental health counseling and more.

My health writing courses teach you how to design high-quality, evidence-based, easily understandable health content.

Also, because all courses are accredited, independently accredited by the CPD Certification Service, you can be sure that you are signing up for a quality program when you register.

Through the Health Expert, I strive to improve global health literacy rates and improve health outcomes by empowering writers to make good, life-changing content.

Passionate on promoting behavioral change through effective communication, I believe that writing a quality life plays a major role in building a better public life.