10 Reasons To Buy Coconut Oil

10 Reasons To Buy Coconut Oil

If you have coconut oil available at home then you will love these beauty hacks! The natural remedy can be used to so much more than just cooking. The oil has been a beauty secret for many years and has just recently been discovered by beauty gurus worldwide. Here we are going to share 10 reasons to buy coconut oil. I am using it and I guess you should too.. You can find the reasons below;

I love how a simple and pure ingredient can make such a difference in everything from your cooking to your skin routine. Want to know the benefits of why you should start using the oil to everything? 

Organic Extra Virgin Oil 

I have tested the “miracle” oil to see if it does the things everyone is talking about! There are many reasons to buy coconut oil, for once it is cheap and perfect for those that are on budget. Why spend 20-30 pounds on skin care creams, body scrubs and shower creams when you can just use this simple trick?

You can also use the coco oil as a makeup remover, even if it is waterproof. Order one now! 🙂 Or you can buy the one I use at Waitrose, I think it cost around 4-5 pounds for a jar.

10 Reasons To Buy Coconut Oil

1. Removing makeup can be hard, especially when it comes to makeup products that are waterproof. The natural oil removes this type of product, and you won’t end up with red skin because the makeup don’t budge.

2Daily coconut oil treatment takes care of your dry skin problem in no time. Use it as daily moisturizer on your body and face.

3Coconut oil can even prevent cold sores! Say what? No need to buy cold sores cream to heal it,  the lovely oil can do the trick as well. Since I have very sensitive lips and sometimes can get “cold sore” because of either drinking citrus or having a cold. I have tried using it instead and it actually works!

4If you don’t have more left of your deodorant you can use this miracle oil instead. Make your own by mixing together Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Baking Soda.

5. You can use the natural oil as body oil. Smells of coconut too!

6. If you have sore or dry lips coconut oil is perfect as a lip balm!

7. The cooking remedy can also do your eyes a favor, by applying the oil under your eyes it makes you look more awake.

8Coconut Oil can even fight frizzy hair, how cool is that? By using coconut oil as a hair mask it makes the hair soft and strong!

9. If you are sunburned or need sun screen you can use coconut oil, it also gives your skin a natural glow.

10. You can use coconut oil to clean your makeup brushes, making them look good as new. Perfect!

I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips, and if you have tried them already or have any other tips in mind let me know! Follow other home remedies in medical treatment to take care of your skin and health at home.

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